A UK Government sponsored report, amongst other things, promotes a new data protection regime to replace current EU/UK just about equivalent GDPR legislation. This taskforce believes that post-Brexit the UK GDPR legislation is too restrictive on the use of data for innovative purposes. Reading between the lines, the assumption feels like you cant sell data easily and this is wrong – somehow!  This broadly suggests the Government’s view of rigorous data protection as a strong point of doing international business in the UK, isn’t healthy. Substituting generic rights for specific circumstance sounds like a long grey period while the courts argue expensively over what those rights might actually entail.  Many states in the USA, and around the world, are really taking this seriously with GDPR as the model. Notably, South Korea being the latest so lets hope this is not the starting gun for a race to the bottom. If we get this wrong then we might as well pack up using computers and go back to paper and the post!


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