The action of the moment is large organisations going round their staff asking the question “how do you want to work in the future?” After an exploration of virtual lunches for the first time with several colleagues, they are all asking THE question, and the Answer is surprising. Overall, younger people who live alone, desire strongly to go back to an office. Young people who live with partners, cats, dogs and such, desire a more mixed working life. Taking the best of both. At the other end of the spectrum and not surprisingly, those more settled people with partners, cats, dogs and children, want out of the cities and into more traditional rural homes. Broadly, only 20% give or take, desire a return to past office life. Maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised at this considering the cost of commuting and city life. The sneaky part behind a a couple of organisations asking The question, is can they stop paying more for city/home workers, as a significant component of salary is the cost of commuting and subsistence in the central urban areas. Watch this space for further information.

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