Unless you are a bank or in the finance sector then this is probably of little interest. Probably. For most of us this quiet revolution, or finalised ten years of reforms since the banking crisis, is a good example of how regulatory compliance evolves. Rarely do we get the big bangs. Even GDPR only strengthened what had been in play for twenty years or so. This demonstrates that large or small as a business, you must plan ahead to avoid significant cost and disruption at some future time. We must admit we all hate the admin, what we love is the business and customer interaction. The upside is we can use compliance as a future proofing to influence our business strategy, or shape a compliance strategy, for the better. The downside is no hiding room when the legislation happens and the fines get bigger and bigger as we go. There is no call to action here, no downloads or links to follow. Just food for thought that it’s better to anticipate little and often now than disruptive, risky and costly in the future.

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