This is the top-of-the shop for an organisation or commercial business. It records and reports on the business architecture, myriad policies and processes, rules, regulations and roles; its the Christmas tree all the baubles hang from to enable the magic to happen. Practically, GMF’s are typically limited in scope to finance and operations, for the purpose of reporting to the Board and occasionally shareholders. Rarely is it used for improvement purposes other than as a consistent benchmark for the executive to compare against. The reason for this is most organisations use many different systems across divisions and geographies, and consistently joining those dots is costly. Plus, leaders often don’t feel the need for that level of detail, they are capable of comprehending their business by intuition and osmosis. Broadly: The GMF cascades into the Business Architecture Framework (BAF). The BAF cascades into operating models and information management systems (ISMS), which are driven by Business Transformation Journeys. Resulting in a whole bunch of processes, research, methods and know-how. Not taking advantage of this level of joined-up-ness is a loss, as there are technologies now that can overcome the overheads of managing those cascades and learning from them. The platform we use is BusinessOptix as a long standing and well-proven vehicle for managing the detail and making it all visible to the executive and operational teams and facilities.

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