Prediction is tricky, scenarios helped…
At the end of last year, we asked around a hundred colleagues what would
help them personally in 2021? Their response was simple: “what will my working life be like?” and “how will I do my job in the future?” We researched, we read and we envisioned a world view using respected sources of information. Not totally doom and gloom. While social prediction is a wild science, scenario playing brought useful insights.

What became clear in this exercise is that we are sailing in a perfect storm
where biology, economy, climate and commerce could come together causing unexpected consequences for us all. From experience the serious damage comes from risks we don’t know about now, and over-confidence is seen as a major risk. Arguably, by governments striving to keep things economically ‘as is’, our society has lost an opportunity to restructure into greener and leaner businesses commercially.

In terms of our working lives, that most significant catastrophe and confidence research is summarised in the attached pdf document..

First published and Copyright in February 2021

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