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Connecting strategy to execution as operating models, keeps an organisation relevant and vibrant.
Staying ahead you need to anticipate opportunities and risks, then experiment and adapt, to get the numerous benefits.
Policy, process, structure and reporting are the components. Everything else is simply how you infographic them for gaining insight.
Ask questions or work with our trusted colleagues using online groups or private cohorts – make sense of it all.
Achieve better strategic agility, innovation, governance, transformation, marketing, financial and operational performance.
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Before Business Architecture Framework

The world brought challenges monthly that might close a business in a weeks. Once an organisation was functioning there is an understandable temptation to leave it ‘as is’ yet and risk stagnation and introversion.  Often executives ‘bet the business’ following incomplete information, with only notional understanding of the impact on customers and long-term prosperity.

After Business Architecture Framework

Why bother with a BAF?  It seems a lot of effort for what?
A well worked through BAF can trickle into an organisation and track a set of operating models for the necessary daily adaptations to process and practice. Meaning the leadership makes richer and more timely decisions in meeting new strategic and regulatory challenges. A BAF is the  best competitive advantage you can get for a business.

All we do is model

An Operating Model is a working representation of a whole organisation or by  division or country as appropriate. Its real and dynamic showing how  operations have to adapt and react their daily challenges, its part of doing the job for everyone involved. A Target Operating Model is a future version of the Operating Model that the leadership of the business wants to  transform into, for some purpose or strategic reason.

Transformation is the journey from here to there

What are the common factors that impact on on business success and longevity, and can we actually develop them as part of ongoing organisation development?
Yes we can work with these factors contributing to healthy performance and long-term prosperity. This is Business Transformation, best described as the journey [or plan] towards the Goal of a Business Architecture or a Target Operating Model, or some other corporate Goal?



Its all about performance, risk, culture and longevity – or at least it should be

The wisdom is all an executive want is two pages, maybe, without the full story for when those difficult questions are probed engaging change becomes an uphill struggle.
Experience suggests a three-step approach balances research effort with the progress made:
  1. A non-financial feasibility study in a neutral format, should explain and evaluate the ideas, setting out possible scenarios, boundaries, and the scope for taking a closer look at the possibilities.
  2. A headlines level detailed Business Justification should bring together the research and investigation undertaken.  You are giving the executives choices, weighting the options, and not pushing your personal preferences unless you can honestly justify them.
  3. A fully resourced plan with financial forecast (the inevitable spreadsheet), that connects with the accounting level detail for the current state and the chosen (Target) state.
There are alternative approaches such as the UK Government’s Gateway staging that can be useful if it gives an executive a feeling of greater control over what will undoubtedly be a profound change in the way the business works.

Digital Twin is a knowledge base about your business and how it works practically:  Top-Down and Bottom-up

What is a Digital Twin?
Simply, ‘twining’ represents digitally your business entirely or in part, being proven to save Time, reduces Costs and improves Quality overall, plus it protects reputations. There are two types of models, those that ‘statistically predict’ and those that represent ‘what is’ or ‘what could be’ based on our own problem solving.  Daníelsson (2008) cites from Lehmann Brothers’ in  the 2007 crash: “Events that models predicted would happen only once in 10,000 years happened every day for three days.

Benefits Of The Digital Twin
Integrating operational, emotional, executive, and functional work streams for a best performance.
”Try before you buy” critical changes you need to make to assure they wont cause operational loss and damage, either internally driven or bought in schemes.
We can simulate operations and adaptations with real data to help assure a change is beneficial.

Simulation takes your Digital Twin to the next level – testing ideas with real world data

What is simulation?
A digital replica of a physical part of your business; a policy in practice, business process, compliance regime, data visualisation and operations; real-time simulations using representative data makes it cost-affordable to experiment and simulate.
Business transformation costs, a resource that most businesses cannot take a risk on wasting. Why go it alone when there are robust experiences and content to work with and test-out significant changes in advance.

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  • Start-Ups before Round 1 Funding
  • Established corporates in multiple countries
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  • Restructuring of the British Army Pay, Pensions and Personnel
  • A new entry American Bank
  • A medical insurance provider
  • A major American manufacturing corporate
  • A global courier organisation
  • A major American car rental business
  • Several central civil government departments
  • Several local authority pension organisations
Expertise as a Service (EaaS)
  • Specific support and assistance such as Question and Answers
  • Packaged deliverables without the need for commissioning a specific consultant or being on-site
  • Online Business Optix platform to manage content
  • Assistance on demand, a trusted colleague when you need them
  • Templates and primers available to speed initiation
  • Small Agile Teams can help launch a project through a business feasibility justification and early planning
  • Professional content drafting available
  • Ownership of the project by the customer using your own resources